Scrap Metal Prices

Robinson Recycling Price List

Copper & Brass

  • Bare Bright Copper: $1.15/LB
  • #1 Copper: $1.05/LB
  • #2 Copper: $0.95/LB
  • Insulated 300-500 MCM: $0.75/LB
  • Insulated #1 75%: $0.60/LB
  • Insulated Romex #1: $0.40/LB
  • Insulated #2: $0.30/LB
  • Insulated Low Recovery #3:¬†$0.15/LB
  • Copper Brass Radiators Clean: $0.70/LB Dirty: $0.40/LB
  • Aluminum Copper Radiators Clean: $0.40/LB Dirty: $0.30/LB
  • Yellow Brass Clean: $0.70/LB Dirty: $0.40/LB
  • Red Brass Clean: $0.80/LB Dirty: $0.40/LB
  • Riffle Brass: $0.60/LB
  • Electric Motors: $0.05/LB
  • Compressors: $0.02/LB


  • Beverage Cans: $0.20/LB
  • ACSR: $0.10/LB
  • Clip & Clean Irrigation Line: $0.20/LB Dirty: $0.10/LB
  • Cast, Painted and Old Sheet Aluminum Clean: $0.20-.30/LB Dirty: $0.10/LB
  • Extrusion Clean: $0.30/LB Dirty: $0.15/LB
  • Aluminum Rims: $0.30/LB
  • Transmissions and Low Recovery Aluminum: $0.02/LB

Other Metals:

  • Iron: Free Drop Off (no payment available currently) @ our discretion.
  • Lead Wheel Weights: $0.05/LB
  • Soft Clean Lead: $0.15/LB
  • Auto/ATV Batteries: $0.10/LB
  • Stainless Steel: $0.15
  • Catalytic Converters: $4-150 per Cat. These vary in price tremendously. They are priced individually.

(This list contains the majority of items that we accept and pay for, however there are many other items not listed here that we regularly accept and pay for. Don’t hesitate to ask.)

* Prices subject to change with out notice.

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